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Can 10l with flexi nozzle and blue cap

Plastic canister including blue lid and flexi spout, is stackable, designed for transport and storage of ADBlue liquids. It is not intended for storage of fuel oils.;

Product code: 951620 SKU manufacturer: 8594177265628

Number of pieces on the pallet: 168


within 14 days

Price without VAT per piece: € 2.59

Price including VAT per piece: € 3.13

(For: 1-167 pcs)

Price without VAT per piece on a pallet: € 2.34

Price with VAT per piece on a pallet: € 2.83

(For more than: 167 pcs)


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Technical specification

Colour nature
Material PE-HD
Volume 10 l
Weight 0.38 kg
The polyethylene product exhibits resistance to a wide range of chemicals; however, in case of uncertainty, we kindly ask you to contact our customer service team. This material is also lightweight, odorless, and meets the requirements for safe food packaging.

It is important to emphasize that products and packaging provided by TBA Plastové obaly, s.r.o., are carefully designed to not contain any harmful or hazardous substances that could negatively impact human health or the environment. We are aware of the importance of safety and sustainability, and therefore, we ensure that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.
Length 23.2 cm
Widht 19 cm
Height 31.6 cm
Other dimensions
Neck diameter 4 cm