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27.6.2024 - power outages

20.06.2024 22:23

Due to a power outage, our company will be closed on 27.6.2024.

New Addition to the Range: ESD Shelving Boxes

02.11.2023 14:06

We are excited to introduce our latest product in the range - ESD shelving boxes, specifically designed for the safe storage and protection of electronics components sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Our ESD shelving boxes are made from materials that rapidly dissipate electrostatic charge and prevent its accumulation on the box's surface. This means that your electronic components are safeguarded against potentially harmful ESD discharges that could otherwise cause damage.
What we offer:
Variability in Sizes: Our range of ESD shelving boxes encompasses a wide range of sizes, allowing you to choose a box that best suits your needs. Whether you require a smaller box for individual components or a larger shelving box for systematic storage, we have the optimal solution for you.
Sliding System: Our ESD shelving boxes are equipped with a pre-scored sliding system, simplifying the organization and storage of components. This system enables you to easily move or remove dividers as needed.
Durability and Longevity: Boxes from TBA Plastové obaly are designed to be resilient and long-lasting. This ensures durable protection for your electronic components throughout storage and handling.
With our ESD shelving boxes, you can have confidence that your electronic components are secure, and the organization is quick and straightforward. Order online and ensure the safety of your electronic components today!

Containers for fruits and vegetables

13.09.2023 22:44
TBA Plastic packaging is synonymous with quality and reliability in the transportation of fruits and vegetables. Our containers are designed to meet the needs of farmers, distributors, and supermarkets.
The containers are made from high-quality plastic that is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. This guarantees the long lifespan of our packaging, contributing to sustainability and reducing waste.
An essential feature of our containers is practicality. They are designed to be easily stored and handled. Thanks to their ergonomic design and foldable options, they save space during storage and transportation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency in the supply chain.
Additionally, the containers are available in various sizes, allowing customization to specific needs and types of vegetables. We take pride in the fact that our containers help maintain the freshness and quality of vegetables throughout their journey from the field to the customer's table.
Count on TBA Plastic packaging if you are looking for a reliable and environmentally friendly solution for the transportation of fruits and vegetables. Our containers will help you optimize your logistics processes and ensure that fruits and vegetables arrive in perfect condition to end customers.


18.05.2023 11:46

We have an exciting new addition to our product lineup for this year - hole-punched folding crates. These unique crates offer numerous advantages and find applications in various industries, primarily due to their space-saving capability.

Reduced traffic during Christmas holidays 2022

05.12.2022 10:08

Due to Christmas holidays our company will be closed from 23.12.2022 to 2.1.2023.

And also our warehouse will be closed for inventory check from 2. to 6.1.2023.

All4Pack 2022

27.04.2022 10:43

We cordially invite you to the All4Pack 2022 trade fair.

The fair will take place from 21.11.2022 to 24.11.2022 in Paris.
You will find us in hall 5/A N 074.

Folding containers

04.04.2022 14:23

Ideal distribution crates from TBA Plastic packaging.

Saving space is a clear advantage of these crates. Safe and fast folding of course. Perfectly stable in stacking and in the folded phase. Crate variant full, perforated, with lid and without lid. Size 60 * 40 and 80 * 60 cm. Possibility of printing. 


18.01.2022 10:34

The year 2022 brings a novelty in our range. 

Storage rack boxes are an ideal solution for storing and handling small parts. Excellent clarity is guaranteed, using integrated label holders. Efficient stackability is guaranteed by the robust construction of the boxes. Very suitable for shelves and carousel stackers. Ergonomic shape for comfortable handling. Available in various heights and lengths.


13.09.2021 14:16

Thank you for visiting our exhibition stand at trade fair FACHPACK 2021.

Transport trolley HL 4 - logistics simply

29.03.2021 23:32

I would like to introduce you to a new product in our range.

Plastic chassis for HL crates, which is designed for all types of crates (EURO, KLT, SN, ALC). The unique system allows you to connect the chassis in length and width. Mutual stackability in a stack. Possibility to connect chassis in a row to the logistics set.