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IBC container 1000 l washed by REPAS

IBC refurbished container is suitable for transport and storage of liquids. The flap discharge valve guarantees safe and accurate removal of liquids of different viscosities. The container can be of different colours (natural, white, black), mix of pallets - wooden, plastic, metal. The IBC container is already used, therefore it may have minor signs of corrosion and traces of use.

IBC parameters:

  • refurbished steel construction including pallet, pallet can be plastic, metal or wooden
  • Inner container incl. fully functional outlet valve size DN 50 (S60x6) / DN 80 (S100x8) - coarse and fine thread
  • pressure test and inspection of the steel structure
  • filling opening DN 150/225
  • colour of inner vessel - natural
  • traces of the last filled substance may remain in the pores of the HDPE material, which cannot be mechanically removed to a better quality
  • the inner HDPE material may show signs of odour, the reason for the odour is the chemicals applied in the cleaning of mechanical contaminants

  • Product code: 960050 SKU manufacturer: 8594177260500

    Number of pieces on the pallet: 2


    In stock

    Price without VAT per piece: € 117.67

    Price including VAT per piece: € 142.38

    (For: 1-1 pcs)

    Price without VAT per piece on a pallet: € 105.46

    Price including VAT per piece on a pallet: € 127.61

    (For more than: 1 pcs)


    Technical specification

    Colour nature
    Material Recycled HDPE
    Volume 1000 l
    Weight 49 kg


    Photo is illustrative only

    Length 120 cm
    Widht 100 cm
    Height 117 cm