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Bucket with lid 3.5 l

Plastic buckets with a lid are suitable for storage of both hard and liquid materials. They are made of polyprophylene (PP) and have an original capping in most cases. 

Product code: 944800 SKU manufacturer: 8594177260852

Number of pieces on the pallet: 1200


In stock

Price without VAT per piece: € 0.84

Price including VAT per piece: € 1.02

(For: 1-1199 pcs)

Price without VAT per piece on a pallet: € 0.71

Price including VAT per piece on a pallet: € 0.86

(For more than: 1199 pcs)


Technical specification

Colour white
Material PP
Volume 3.3 l
Weight 0.14 kg
The provided values are approximate and are based on practical experience and the ISO 8611 standard. These values were obtained under uniform load conditions at room temperature (20°C). Due to different usage conditions, variations in values may be observed. We recommend conducting product testing before deployment.

All technical data of the products, including dimensions and weights, are subject to changes resulting from testing conditions and production technology. No legally binding guarantees of specific properties can be inferred from the information obtained.

We reserve all rights, including the right to unforeseen errors and changes. We emphasize that the provided technical data is for informational purposes only and may be subject to changes without prior notice.
Widht 19.8 cm
Height 15.7 cm
Internal dimensions
Internal dimension height 15.4 cm
Other dimensions
Average 18.4 cm