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Bigbox 120x100x76 full 4 legs

Plastic bigboxes are intended for transport, handling and storage of packed and loose goods. Their dimensions allow for maximum space usage. Stackability and easy handling are great advantages. They are crash and weather resistant. Closed bottom and sides. Bigboxes and be closed with a lid and stacked. 

Product code: 980820

Number of pieces on the pallet: 4


In stock

Price without VAT per piece: € 147.09

Price including VAT per piece: € 177.98

(For: 1-3 pcs)

Price without VAT per piece on a pallet: € 131.88

Price including VAT per piece on a pallet: € 159.57

(For more than: 3 pcs)


Technical specification

Colour grey
Material PE
Volume 610 l
Weight 35 kg
Dynamic load capacity 400 kg
Static load capacity 3500 kg


Not suitable for liquids

Length 120 cm
Widht 100 cm
Height 76 cm
Internal dimensions
Internal dimension length 112 cm
Internal dimension width 92 cm
Internal dimension height 60 cm