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ALC container 60x40x27 without lid

ALC containers without a lid are an excellent option especially in warehouses during the completion and preparation of orders. The ideal conical shape enables quick stacking, and this is definitely a space saving. The smooth bottom facilitates smooth movement along roller runways.The preparation of goods, especially in the ecommerce sector, is thus very easy with this attribute.

Product code: 967710 SKU manufacturer: 8594177263679

Number of pieces on the pallet: 80


In stock

Price without VAT per piece: € 10.75

Price including VAT per piece: € 13.01

(For: 1-79 pcs)

Price without VAT per piece on a pallet: € 8.25

Price including VAT per piece on a pallet: € 9.98

(For more than: 79 pcs)


Technical specification

Colour blue
Material PP
Volume 43 l
Weight 2.07 kg
Due to the use of various raw materials, it is not possible to prevent fluctuations in color shades. All technical parameters of the products, including their dimensions and weights, are subject to changes resulting from testing conditions and manufacturing technology. No legally binding guarantees of specific properties can be inferred from the information obtained.

We reserve all rights, including the possibility of unforeseen errors and subsequent adjustments. We emphasize that the provided technical data is for informational purposes only and may be subject to changes without prior notice.
Length 60 cm
Widht 40 cm
Height 27 cm
Internal dimensions
Internal dimension length 50 cm
Internal dimension width 33 cm
Internal dimension height 26.5 cm