Slow Release Watering Bag

 Slow Release Watering Bag
TBA irrigation bag is a suitable irrigation agent due to its easy draining of water. Ordinary watering, near the water can be reached in depth, Drains Water water from the water and only around the trunk, which has the opportunity to get up to the roots of the tree. The bag is prepared around the trunk, fastened with a zipper and filled with water. Depending on the current of the tree trunk, the bag can hold 50 - 75 liters of water, which switches off in the value of 3 - 8 hours. The water irrigation bag is especially suitable for dry or newly planted trees. 
Dimensions (l×w×h): - - -
Part number: 963506
Quantity on a pallet: 900
Price without VAT per pc 186,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc 225,06 Kč
Price without VAT per pc per pallet 156,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc per pallet 188,76 Kč
Accessibility In stock
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Parameters Slow Release Watering Bag technical specification

Material PVC
Volume 55 l

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