Plastic big box - 4 feet

Plastic bigboxes are intended for transport, handling and storage of packed and loose goods. Their dimensions allow for maximum space usage. Stackability and easy handling are great advantages. They are crash and weather resistant. Closed bottom and sides. Bigboxes and be closed with a lid and stacked.
Dimensions (l×w×h): 120 x 80 x 79 cm
Part number: 980800
Number of pieces in packaging: 3
Quantity on a pallet: 3
Price without VAT per pc 3 356,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc 4 060,76 Kč
Price without VAT per pc per pallet 3 009,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc per pallet 3 640,89 Kč
Accessibility In stock
Number of pkg.: Number of pkg.:

Parameters Plastic big box - 4 feet technical specification

Length 120 cm
Widht 80 cm
Height 79 cm
Internal dimensions
Length 111,8 cm
Widht 71,8 cm
Height 64,5 cm
Material PE
Volume 520 l
Static load capacity 3500 kg
Dynamic capacity 400 kg

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