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The IBC container is suitable for the transport and storage of liquids and food products.Easy handling with a fork lift. Flap outlet valve ensures safe end precise collection of liquids of various viscosity.  Stackable for up to four layers. Maderials: inner tank: HDPE, outer frame: steel 
Dimensions (l×w×h): 120 x 100 x 117 cm
Part number: 960020
Quantity on a pallet: 2
Price without VAT per pc 5 892,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc 7 129,32 Kč
Price without VAT per pc per pallet 5 261,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc per pallet 6 365,81 Kč
Accessibility In stock
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Basic specifications IBC container new features:

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Parameters IBC container new technical specification

Length 120 cm
Widht 100 cm
Height 117 cm
Material PE
Volume 1000 l

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