Euro container 20x15x12 cm

The Euro container is a universal workhorse in all branches of industry. Cold, contact heat, acid and lye resistant. Plastic boxes made of top quality polyprophylene. Optimized for usage in automatized logistics (suitable for use on moving and roller conveyors). Supports imprinting. Closed handles.
Dimensions (l×w×h): 20 x 15 x 12 cm
Part number: 965570
Quantity on a pallet: 640
Price without VAT per pc 40,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc 48,40 Kč
Price without VAT per pc per pallet 36,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc per pallet 43,56 Kč
Accessibility In stock
Number of pkg.: Number of pkg.:

Parameters Euro container 20x15x12 cm technical specification

Length 20 cm
Widht 15 cm
Height 12 cm
Material PP
Volume 2,2 l
Capacity 7 kg
Weight 0,34 kg

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