Container OZN small - reg.

Container OZN are very practical due to their light weight. Ventilation slits allow for air circulation and long shelf-life of food. Certified dimensions 60 x 40 cm make them ideal for transport and handling on pallets. Plastic boxes are made of re-granulate or top quality polyethylene. Grease, resin and alkalis resistent. The color of containers is only illustrative.
Dimensions (l×w×h): 60 x 40 x 11,6 cm
Part number: 129100
Number of pieces in packaging: 80
Quantity on a pallet: 80
Price without VAT per pc 77,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc 93,17 Kč
Price without VAT per pc per pallet 70,00 Kč
Price with VAT per pc per pallet 84,70 Kč
Accessibility In stock
Number of pkg.: Number of pkg.:

Basic specifications Container OZN small - reg. features:

Please note that these crates are made from recycled materials, so you may be able to obtain different colors. The most common colors are black, green, blue, or a mix of colors.

We are not able to provide the exact color according to requirements.

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Parameters Container OZN small - reg. technical specification

Length 60 cm
Widht 40 cm
Height 11,6 cm
Material Reg,
Capacity 10 kg

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